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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about finding your way around TREAT TOWN™? We're here to help! Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions below or give us a call at 1-800-997-6594.

  • How can I sign up for TREAT TOWN™?

    You can register at, or through the TREAT TOWN™ App. From there, you create your own unique username (for your privacy and safety, we recommend creating a fun and spooky name that’s unique to you; not your real name), decorate your Door, purchase candy for Trick-or-Treaters, and help the Trick-or-Treaters in your household create their own spooky monster avatars. We’ll also request permission to use your data, like your geolocation, to make your TREAT TOWN™ experience the best one possible.

  • What kind of username should I create?

    Your username will be used to identify your Door to anyone within your Friends & Family network. For privacy and safety reasons, we recommend you never use your real name. Pick anything fun and spooky that’s between 3-16 characters, like MonsterMom52 or HauntedHouse20.

  • Where can I download the TREAT TOWN™ App?

    The TREAT TOWN™ App is available in the App Store and through Google Play.

  • Is there a cost to purchase the TREAT TOWN™ App?

    The TREAT TOWN™ App is free to download, but to participate, you’ll need to purchase virtual MARS WRIGLEY® Candy Credits through the app or

  • Can I play TREAT TOWN™ on my web browser?

    You sure can! While we recommend using the TREAT TOWN™ App for the best experience, you can play at TREAT TOWN™ is best used in the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, iOS 13 +, and Android 9+.


  • Who can trick-or-treat at my virtual Door?

    You get to decide who visits your Door! By default, your Door is set up so you can give candy credits to anyone signed up for TREAT TOWN™. You can change that setting to give candy credits to those in your Family & Friends network only. The settings are very easy to manage, and can be updated in an instant. Just go to Candy Giving Settings from the app menu.

  • Can I invite friends from outside my neighborhood to trick-or-treat at my Door?

    You sure can! You can invite friends to join your TREAT TOWN™ network by sharing your unique username through the app. It’s a safe, and fun, alternative to community get-togethers like trunk-or-treats. To invite friends, or accept friend requests, open Manage & Invite Friends from the TREAT TOWN™ menu.

  • How can my family use TREAT TOWN™ to trick-or-treat?

    Once you set up your account as a Candy Giver, you can add Trick-or-Treaters in your household to your profile. Trick-or-Treaters can virtually visit any Door within TREAT TOWN™, or the Door of anyone within their Friends & Family network. At each participating Door, Trick-or-Treaters can receive candy credits that their parent account can redeem for MARS WRIGLEY® candy at any time.

  • How can I use TREAT TOWN™ to give candy to Trick-or-Treaters?

    Once you create your custom Door, and purchase virtual candy credits, you can choose to have your Door set up to give candy credits to any Trick-or-Treater within TREAT TOWN™, or you can choose to only allow Trick-or-Treaters within your Friends & Family network to visit.

  • How can Trick-or-Treaters find my Door?

    Your Door will be visible on the map, and identified by your username. If a user is part of your Family & Friends network, your Door will be labeled Friends & Family.

  • Is TREAT TOWN™ safe for my kids to use?

    Yes! TREAT TOWN™ is a contactless way for families and their communities to share Halloween fun during a challenging time. Plus, any Trick-or-Treater younger than 18 years old can only sign up through a parent account with parent/guardian accompaniment, which means it’s easy for parents to keep an eye on any account activity. Finally, privacy protection is a key focus and no personal information is shared between users.

  • How long can my family and I trick-or-treat with TREAT TOWN™?

    You can trick-or-treat through TREAT TOWN™ for the entire month of October. And stay tuned for future virtual seasonal experiences from MARS WRIGLEY®!

  • Do I need to be over 18 to participate?

    In order to register for TREAT TOWN™ you must be at least 18 years old. To learn how to add Trick-or-Treaters who are under 18 to your TREAT TOWN™ account, please see the question titled How can I add Trick-or-Treaters to my family account?

  • How can I reach the Mars Customer Care team?

    If you have any additional questions, you can reach a customer service associate at 1-800-997-6594.

  • If I run out of candy, how do I purchase more?

    It’s easy. As a Candy Giver, just follow the steps below.

    1. Tap the hamburger icon to bring up the main menu.
    2. Then  select Buy & Manage Candy.
    3. Finally, choose the dollar value of the Candy Credits you want and check out. You can use any major credit card, and make purchases from $5 to $100.
  • Can I set limits on how much candy I give out?

    Absolutely! From the TREAT TOWN™ menu, just tap Candy Giving Settings. From there, you can:

    • Make your house open for trick-or-treating, or temporarily close it. 
    • Allow anyone within TREAT TOWN™ to trick-or-treat at your house, or limit it to your Friends & Family network.
    • Choose how many total treats you will give out per day.
    • Choose how many treats you will give to an individual trick-or-treater.
    • Choose how many treats you will give out to an individual trick-or-treater who is within your Family & Friends network.
  • How do I make sure my virtual Door is open to Trick-or-Treaters? How do I close it?

    To change your settings, follow these steps.

    1. Go to the main menu
    2. Select Candy Giving Settings
    3. Use the top toggle to change your settings

    When your Door is open for trick-or-treating, anyone you’ve given permission to trick-or-treat at your door will be able to visit and play tricks or collect candy credits.

    When your Door is closed, no trick-or-treaters can play tricks or collect candy credits until you open your door again.

  • What happens when my Door is set up to Give Candy to All Trick-or-Treaters? What if my Door is set to Friends & Family network only?

    When your Door is set to Give Candy to All Trick-or-Treaters, anyone within TREAT TOWN™ can trick-or-treat there. On the map, the light outside your Door will be ON to indicate that you have candy to give. 

    When your Door is set to Friends & Family only, it is still visible to anyone within TREAT TOWN™, and marked with your unique username, but only users within your Friends & Family network can trick-or-treat there. 

    To change your settings, follow these simple steps.

    1. Go to the main menu
    2. Select Candy Giving Settings
    3. Use the toggle to change your settings
  • WIll I be able to redeem candy credits that I purchased?

    During October, you can only redeem candy credits that you earned by trick-or-treating. But starting November 1, you can redeem any candy credits that you have left in your bowl.

  • WIll I be able to give out candy credits I received by trick-or-treating?

    Nope. Candy credits you earned by trick-or-treating can’t be given back out to other trick-or-treaters. The good news is, you can redeem them for your favorite MARS WRIGLEY® brand candy or donate them!

  • How can I add Trick-or-Treaters to my family account?

    Tap the Manage Family Profiles tab from the main menu, then select Add a Trick-or-Treater. From there, you and your Trick-or-Treater can create a custom monster avatar together!

  • How many Trick-or-Treaters can I add to my family account?

    The more the merrier! There’s no limit to the number of Trick-or-Treaters you can add.

  • Where can my family trick-or-treat?

    You can virtually trick-or-treat at any Door within TREAT TOWN™ that is open for anyone signed up with the app, or at the Door of anyone within your Friends & Family network.

  • When can my family trick-or-treat?

    24/7, all October long. Though you can only visit a single Door every 12 hours, TREAT TOWN™ is always open and safe to use.

  • Do I need to purchase candy before I can trick-or-treat?

    You don’t have to, but just like regular Halloween, TREAT TOWN™ is a lot more fun for Trick-or-Treaters when everyone is participating!

  • What does the light post next to each Door mean?

    Just like trick-or-treating in real life, the light outside a Door can let you know a lot! If a Door’s light is ON, it means that the Door is open to Trick-or-Treaters in TREAT TOWN™ AND the door has candy to give out.

    Remember, you can only trick-or-treat at a Door once every 12 hours, regardless of whether that house has candy and its light is ON.


  • There are no Doors near me on the map. What can I do?

    For starters, if you just signed up, there may be a slight delay before Doors near you populate on your map. 

    If that’s not the cause, make sure you aren’t zoomed in too far in or too far out on the map. Use the + and - arrows to change your view and see if there are any Doors near you.

    If that doesn’t work, it’s possible that no one in your area is participating in TREAT TOWN™ yet. If that’s the case, tap Manage & Invite Friends from the main menu to invite your friends, family, and neighbors to join TREAT TOWN™. You can also explore the map to find Doors beyond your neighborhood that are participating and trick-or-treat there! These Doors will have their light ON if they have candy to give out. 


  • Why can’t I get candy at a certain Door?

    There are a few reasons you might not be able to trick-or-treat at a certain Door.

    • You can only visit each Door once every 12 hours.
    • The Candy Giver might have given out all the candy they have set for the day, or may have run out. 
    • The Candy Giver might not currently have their Door open for trick-or-treating.
    • The Candy Giver might have their Door set to Friends & Family network only, and you might not be in their network.
  • One Door on my map is an apartment building. Can I trick-or-treat there?

    You sure can! Multi-tenant units are identified on your map with an apartment building, with an icon on the top right that tells you how many individual Doors are inside. Just tap on the building to select a Door, or Doors, to trick-or-treat at!

  • What can I do at the MARS WRIGLEY® brand Doors?

    Trick-or-Treat at M&M’S® New York, M&M’S® Racing, SNICKERS® House, and SKITTLES® Rainbow to get exclusives you can’t find anywhere else in TREAT TOWN™.

  • What can I do at the Disney Haunted Mansion?

    Trick-or-Treat at the Disney Haunted Mansion from October 23 to October 31 to unlock special costumes from Disney. We’ll release a new costume each day.

  • What can I do in the Arcade?

    The Arcade contains spooky games  that will be released throughout the month of October like (Not So) Tricky Trivia. To enter, just tap the Arcade icon on your map. When you win, you’ll earn Spooky Points you can use to unlock new features in the app, like hidden costumes and monster avatar upgrades.

  • How do I redeem my candy credits?

    Glad you asked! You’re just a few taps or clicks away from real MARS WRIGLEY® candy!

    1. First, make sure you’re in the Candy Giver profile, as only the Candy Giver can redeem candy credits
    2. Tap the main menu
    3. Select Buy & Manage Candy
    4. Then choose Redeem Candy Credits and select how you want to receive your candy.

    There are three ways you can redeem your candy credits.

    Redeem Online: Order your favorite MARS WRIGLEY® candy from a participating retailer, and get it delivered right to your doorstep. You can get it shipped to any address in the United States. At this time, we are not shipping candy to any address outside of the United States.

    Your confirmation email will come from [email protected], so be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see it. If a product becomes out of stock while your order is processing, we will substitute with a similar product and send it with your order. If you’re unsatisfied with the adjustment, please reach out to the retailer you purchased the candy through. To get the retailers contact information, check your email. You receive an email from Shoppable within 24 hours of your order being placed that contains the email address and phone number of their customer care team.

    Redeem Instore: Don’t want to wait for a delivery? Redeem for a Mobile Reward you can print or access from your phone, and use to purchase any MARS WRIGLEY® brand candy at one of our participating retailers. Please note, we can’t offer refunds once the candy is purchased. 

    Donate: Donate your candy credits to the Boys & Girls Clubs. At the end of Halloween, MARS® will make a cash donation that equals the amount of every candy credit donation we receive. 

  • Where can I get my candy shipped?

    You can get your candy shipped to any address in the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska but excluding Puerto Rico. We also ship to PO Boxes and Military Boxes. At this time, we are not shipping candy to any address outside of the United States.

  • What should I do if I have an issue regarding my candy shipment?

    If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the retailer you purchased the candy through the customer care number that is indicated at the bottom of your confirmation email from [email protected]

  • How do I delete my account?

    Call customer care at 1-800-997-6594 to delete your account, or delete an individual Trick-or-Treater from your account.

  • Why is my account locked?

    Your account may be locked because of a Terms of Use violation, or any other misuse. Call customer care at 1-800-997-6594 and we will help you resolve the issue.

  • How do I add a Friends & Family connection?

    If your friend is already using TREAT TOWN™, ask them what their username is and add them directly in the app. Once they accept your invite, they’ll become a part of your Friends & Family network.

  • How do I switch between my Candy Giver profile and a Trick-or-Treater profile someone in my household is using?
    1. Open the main menu.
    2. Tap Manage Family Profiles.
    3. Select the Trick-or-Treater profile you want to use the app as. 

    To return from a Trick-or-Treater profile to the Candy Giver account, you must enter the Candy Giver username and password.

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